Credit Freeze

If you are concerned about identity theft, or someone gaining access to your credit  report without your permission, you might consider placing a credit freeze on your report. I have had a credit freeze on my report since 2007. Credit freeze is also called security freeze. This tool puts you in control of your credit report, it restrict access to your credit report, which in terms makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your identity to open new accounts in your name. Creditors need to see your credit report before they can approve, open a new account. If they can't see your credit profile, they may not extend credit. The security freeze does not affect your credit score. Security freeze does not prevent you from getting your credit report. In order for any creditor to review your credit file, you must first contact the three credit bureaus to temporary lift the security freeze before anyone can view your report. To lift the freeze, it can be done on line. When a request for a security is requested the bureaus will send you a pin number by mail.

Feel free to visit the website of the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information.

To contact each of the nationwide credit reporting companies:





Owning a Home

PLEASE NOTE whether you're just thinking about buying a home or selling a home, we can help you. It is important for home buyers to first choose the right home loan before choosing the right home. Not sure how to get started, send an email to 

A real estate agent, either acting directly or through one or more associate licensees, can legally be the agent of both the seller and the buyer in a transaction, but only with the consent and knowledge of both the seller and the buyer. In a dual agency situation this agent would prefer to represent either the buyer or the seller. Agent should represent both parties equally and I find it impossible to represent both the seller and the buyer equally. Some agent may choose to represent both the seller and the buyer in a dual agency situation. This agent choose not to.

As an agent acting only for the buyer, must have the same following affirmative obligations  to the buyer: A fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealing with the buyer.

As an agent for the seller, you have a duty of care, diligent, and to exercise reasonable skill in performance of duties. A duty of honest and fair dealing and good faith is important.